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How to take care of your heart

Are you working out regularly? Not smoking the cigarette? Or even having a healthy diet? Well, it means that you do not need to worry about health issues right? But you are wrong. Many people are still at risk with heart disease even when having a healthy lifestyle it is because symptoms of having a heart disease are not very noticeable and believe it or not heart disease is the number 1 killer in the earth. So what is the thing you want to do in order to lower the risk of having a heart disease?

Always have your blood pressure and cholesterol checked.

We have to be aware of our cholesterol level even though you are still young and healthy. This is one way of making sure that there is no abnormality that can cause for your cholesterol to elevate. It is recommended to have it checked at least once in every five years when you reach the age of 18. This can prevent some diseases it is known earlier that there is an abnormality going on.

Be wary even if you are physically active.

Most of the athletes think they have a healthy heart because of the intense daily activity that they do but that is wrong. Our heart is not a machine that will not wear out when the time comes especially engaging in high-intensity activities in your daily basis. If you are an athlete you must go to your physician and have you examined to ensure that you are one hundred percent healthy.

Have time for your cardio exercises.

You may be a beast from lifting weights regularly but you will always hear someone saying you need some cardio. A study says that aerobics is one of the most important ways to keep your heart healthy. Having at least thirty minutes a day of cardio is more than enough for you to stay healthy, but if you want to go further beyond that then it is good just don’t over exert yourself, remember too much of everything can be bad for us even though the intention is good.

Be serious about your diet.

One of the riskiest substance that can higher the risk of having heart disease is salt. By reducing the salt intake even if you are an athlete is very important if you want to be healthy. Not just salt but also you have to monitor all the things going in your body from sugar, fat and etc. Get rid of process foods and junk foods even soft drink. Start eating more fruits and vegetables.

Be alert of the signs.

If you experience a sudden change in your body such as having lesser energy level this is a good chance to talk to your doctor. It is very unusual for someone who can jog for thirty minutes straight or can do high-intensity work out regularly becomes very weak and unable to do these things. Other signs can be dizziness or difficulty of breathing.

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