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How to Deal With Back Pain

Back pain can deprive you of living the life you want. In addition to the inhibiting pain in your back, you can even start to deal with chronic fatigue, headaches, heel pain, and numbness. The result is that you will be unable to engage in the activities you like the most.

A lot of people who suffer from back pain, start to think that this is a chronic problem that can’t be cured. Nevertheless, there are a few tips that can alleviate the pain, help you live actively and improve the quality of your life.

Sit Less:

Sitting down puts 40% more pressure on your spine. This is why a lot of people who have desk jobs or spend too much time on their chairs or couches tend to deal with backaches. The solution is simple: Take a walk. You need to stretch your muscles and move them at least once every hour. If you can’t remember to do so, you can set an alarm to remind you that it is time to get moving. Talk a walk around the house or the office. You should also make sure that your chair is healthy and that you are not slouching forward.

Get Rid of Heavy Shoulder Bags:

Carrying a heavy shoulder bag puts too much strain on your shoulders and your spine. Moreover, your spine will not be properly aligned and your muscles won’t stretch equally. You should try to split any heavy loads between 2 bags that you can carry on both shoulders. You can also try a backpack to carry your heavy stuff.

Sleep Right:

When you sleep, you give your body and mind the chance to relax and energize. A lot of people wake up feeling too much pain because they are sleeping on the wrong mattress or pillow. You should always make sure that your mattress and pillow are not worn out. This means that they will be able to support the weight of your body. They should have enough support and firmness that will align your spine and keep your neck comfortable. At the same time, they should be comfortable enough to relieve pressure. Some sleep positions are also better for people who suffer from back pain because they put less pressure on the achy muscles.

Deal with Stress:

You probably didn’t know that stress and anxiety can actually cause back pain. Stress causes the muscles to clench up. This means that they will always be contracted with no chance of relaxation. Breathing deeply, working out, taking relaxing warm baths and stretching is going to give your muscles the chance to relax especially after a long day. You can also try yoga and meditation to deal with chronic anxiety.

Changing a few daily habits will have a huge effect on the health of your spine. Keep an eye on your weight and try to lose those extra pounds healthily. You don’t have to endure painful backaches. A few changes will make a big difference.

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