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Benefits of Using Organic Products

Going natural is one of the most popular trends. During the past few decades, humans have realized that messing up with nature has its price. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution and the breakthrough of using chemicals and new technologies, humans used science to produce food, build houses and machines that can make life easier. But these chemicals also caused a significant increase in certain health issues and problems. Scientists took some time to reveal the bad side of these new technologies.

Today, most people are trying to go as natural as possible. There is a global trend where people are more interested in traditional medication where herbs and plants are used to treat mild health problems, instead of using medicines that are packed with chemicals. More people are buying organic food because it is free of chemicals and dangerous ingredients. But what are the real benefits of using organic products? Are they really worth the hype? If they cost more, are they worth the price?

What are the Benefits of Using Organic Products?

Organic refers to the way a product is produced or processed. Whether they are cleaning supplies, food or makeup items, organic products are grown or manufactured without using pesticides, insecticides, GMOs, hormones, or any other artificial material. Today, you can find organic meat, chicken, makeup, vegetables, fruit, soap, detergents and even toothpaste. People buy these products to make sure that they are using a safe product.

  1. Organic Food is Fresher:

Organic food refers to vegetables, fruit, dairy products, eggs, and meat. Organic food doesn’t contain any preservatives. This means that if you find it on the shelf, then it is fresh because it gets spoiled fast. Most conventionally grown and processed food items contain certain chemicals that make them last longer. Organic food is usually produced in smaller farms near the markets where it is sold.

  1. Organic Produce Contains No Pesticides:

Farmers use pesticides to fight off pests that damage the products and affect their quality. These pesticides do a great job at fighting off pests but at the same time, they have a negative effect on our health. They penetrate through the tissue of the vegetable or the fruit. Even if you wash it several times, soak it or scrub it, you would still get some of these pesticides in your food. They contain harmful chemicals that affect the nervous system, cause premature cells’ aging and cause cells’ mutation that might lead to cancer. Staying away from pesticides will keep your body healthy.

With organic produce, pests are controlled naturally. Farmers use traditional and naturally derived methods to fight off harmful pests. They also use birds, traps, and insects to protect the plants. These natural methods have no effect on our bodies in the short or long run.

  1. Organic Beauty Products are Better of the Environment:

Today there are a lot of makeup brands that offer organic beauty products. These are produced and manufactured using cleaner and healthier methods that don’t affect the environment. They are also better for our bodies. Conventionally produced beauty products contain extracts from plants that might be packed with insecticides, pesticides or herbicides. These chemicals are still traceable even after the manufacture of the beauty product. They penetrate through the skin and affect the cells of our bodies in the long run. These chemicals also affect the soil and the animals that naturally live there. As a result, conventionally produced makeup items can significantly increase the percentage of pollution on the planet.

Organic beauty products are manufactured using cleaner ingredients. These come from chemical-free farms and contain no harmful chemicals that can affect our health. They don’t contain irritants or chemicals that can cause skin allergies, breakouts, and rashes. Organic beauty products actually have natural ingredients that support your skin and hair. Whether you are using a cream, shampoo or a makeup item, you are basically providing your skin and hair with natural and healthy nutrients. These are good for your body and will not cause any health problems.

Natural skin care products are packed with vitamins and minerals that are necessary to keep your skin healthy and fresh. They help repair and rejuvenate your skin to keep it looking young and flawless. Using this organic hair oil featured on Oprah will help protect your hair from pollution and damage. It helps restore the natural balance of oils that will keep your hair strands healthy and strong. You can also rest assured knowing that no poisonous chemicals will get in contact with your scalp.

  1. Organic Animal Products are Richer in Healthy Nutrients:

Conventionally raised animals are used to produce eggs, dairy products, and meat. These animals are often treated with antibiotics to make sure that they never get sick. They are also given growth hormones to guarantee faster growth and more products. They are fed non-organic food that contains GMOs. Livestock might be deprived of living in the outdoors in their natural habitat. This affects the health of the animals and the quality of the final product.

Organically raised animals always have access to the outdoors. Animals lead a natural life without any restrictions and are taken care of using the traditional methods. Diseases are prevented using the traditional techniques like clean housing and healthy diets. They are also treated using the same old methods that have been used for thousands of years. These animals are not given any hormones or medications. They grow naturally and their produce contains more nutrients than the one produced using conventional methods.

Organic food and beauty products contain no genetically modified organisms or GMOs. These are plants whose DNA has been chemically modified and altered for certain benefits. Using these GMOs affects our health in the short and long run. They mess up with our cells and can cause cells’ mutation which might lead to cancer. Staying away from chemically or genetically modified products is definitely better for your health. You should try to use organic products whenever it is possible.

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