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How a Pain Patch Can Help You Recover Faster

Pain is an everyday reality. There is certainly no avoiding it. However, it does not mean that there is nothing you can do about it. After all, there are countless over-the-counter medicines available out there which serve the specific purpose of alleviating pain. Of course, it needs to be mentioned here that there is a more effective alternative out there.

We are referring to Lumina’s revolutionary pain patches. Make sure to keep reading to find out more about the pain patch that will help you recover faster.

Understanding Pain Patches

To help readers understand what makes pain patches so effective, we must first take a closer look at how these products work. In a nutshell, these patches distract your brain from the painful sensation. It targets the nearby nerves and induces a different sensation, thereby blinding the brain from the source of the pain. For example playing guitar creates finger joint pain, these patches are great for reducing that inflammation and pain.

Take note that there are two types of patches: cool and hot. The sensation they create all depends on the patch’s active ingredients. It is also worth noting that the specified purpose of the patch may also vary because of this vital difference. Needless to say, it would be wise for you to check the label and read the instructions to ensure that you are using the right kind of patch for your injury.

Using the Right Patch

The last thing you would want is to use the wrong kind of patch on your injury. That is why it is vital that we delve deeper into the subtle differences between the two kinds of patches. First off, cooling patches mostly contain ingredients such as methyl salicylate (wintergreen), menthol, and camphor. The cooling effect is particularly helpful for treating strains, bruises, and sprains.

On the other hand, hot patches mostly make use of capsaicin. For those unfamiliar with this substance, it is one of the primary active ingredient found in chili peppers. It is responsible for that distinctive hot taste that we have come to associate with peppers. When applied to the skin, it can create a similarly warm sensation that is effective for backaches, menstrual cramps, and arthritis.

It is also worth noting that some specialized patches make use of a combination of these ingredients. These patches are designed to create both a cooling and heating sensation. This is similar to interchanging ice packs and heating pads on an injury.

The Benefits of Pain Patches

Now that you have a better understanding of how pain patches, we can now talk about the benefits they offer to the consumer. After all, you certainly have the option to just go to your nearest drug store and buy some pain medications. However, you should understand that you would also be doing yourself a great disservice.

This is because pain patches operate at a far quicker pace than any pain pill on the market today. Gone are the days of having to wait an hour for the relief to kick in as the effects of pain patch will kick in instantaneously. This is primarily due to the fact that the patches are transdermal as opposed to oral pain relievers which need to pass the digestive system in order to get into the bloodstream.

This leads us to another notable advantage of pain patches: no more upset stomachs. As already mentioned, oral medication is like anything else we consume orally – it has to pass through the digestive system. As such, there is the risk of the chemicals having an adverse effect on the person’s digestive tract. In fact, pain pills with ibuprofen, acetaminophen, aspirin, and naproxen have been known to do just that.

The transdermal nature of pain patches also has another vital benefit: longer efficacy. It has been reported that users usually experience pain relief for as long as 8 hours. This is vastly greater to the efficacy of pills which typically last 4 to 6 hours.

In addition to this, prolonged consumption of pain medications has also been associated with organ damage. In particular, they can affect the state of your liver, stomach, and kidneys. With pain patches, you would never have to worry about any of that.

Using Pain Patches the Right Way

Before treating your pains, it is vital that you consult with your physician first. This is true for everything, including the use of pain patches. After all, the last thing you want is to discover a skin allergy afterward. A simple visit to the doctor would certainly save you the trouble.

It should also go without saying that you need to pay close attention tothe instructions included on the label. They are there for a reason: to ensure your safety and the patch’s effectiveness. To make things simpler, we have come up with a list of the things you should remember when using pain patches:

  • Make sure that the area of the skin is clean and dry.
  • Do not wrap over the injury while the patch is in place. Doing so can lead to adverse effects.
  • Patches are not made to stay on your skin forever. Pay close attention to the recommended use and ensure that it does not stay longer than the ideal duration stated on the label.
  • Pregnant and nursing women should ensure that they consult their physician before making use of pain patches.

If you have any questions, or if any adverse symptoms start to manifest, make sure to consult your physician as soon as possible.

Luminas Pain Relief Patch

There is a multitude of pain patches readily available on the market today. However, for the best results, we highly recommend that you give the Luminas Pain Relief Patch a try. There is certainly no shortage of satisfied users who will attest to this patch’s effectiveness as a pain killer.

If you are looking in pain, then make sure to give this patch a try. It not only eliminates the side-effects commonly associated with typical oral pain medications. Moreover, it is unlike other pain patches on the market today. In terms of effectiveness, the Luminas Pain Relief Patch is simply unparalleled.

Health Benefits of Owning a Pool and Spa

Owning a pool and a spa system is cool. It immediately transforms your home into a cool favorite spot where you can host parties and hold events. Everybody likes the splash and the luxurious feeling they get by submerging their bodies in the water. Your home will be your neighbor’s and friend’s after work gathering spot and you will be able to enjoy the company of some amazing people.

But owning a pool and a spa is actually good for your health as well. Even if you are not a people’s person, you can still enjoy the amazing benefits of owning your own pool or spa system. It is a great investment that will increase the sale value of your home, provide your family with hours of fun in different weather conditions and create a nice spot where you can relax or chill. But it is also actually going to help you stay in shape and feel energetic. Here are some of the best health benefits of owning a pool or a spa system:

Swimming is an Incredible Exercise:

Swimming is one of the most interesting sports because it is suitable for everyone in the family. Your 2-year-old son and your grandfather who suffers from Arthritis can enjoy a swim together. Swimming can keep you fit, increase your flexibility and help you control your weight without putting too much stress on your joints. Heavy-weight people can also workout easily in the water which enables them to build muscles and lose fats without having to deal with a lot of pain.

Swimming is more fun than hitting the gym especially if you are not a sports enthusiast. It also helps you build your endurance as an intense cardio. As a matter of fact, when you swim you get to use different muscles that don’t move much when you are using the machines at the gym. You get to burn calories without being strained and this is the main reason why people skip the gym.

Enjoy Better Sleep:

Your body needs to enjoy at least 6 to 8 hours of deep sleep as this will help your muscles recover after a long day. But if you suffer from insomnia or can’t sleep very well at night, you should think about installing a spa or a pool. Swimming in the pool for half an hour at the end of the day will help release the stress. You will basically get rid of all the irritation that might deprive you of sleeping well at night.

If you choose to install a spa, it will be even better for your tension. Soaking your body in warm water helps relax the muscles. This means that you will be able to sleep faster and deeper. The relaxing movement of the water current right before your bedtime will help you drift in calming sleep even if you’ve had a loud and tiring day.

Help with Pain:

Heat is one of the best remedies that can reduce pain and discomfort. Soaking in the hot water of the tub will help with sore muscles, cramps, arthritis and joint pain. If you are recovering from a painful injury or trying to avoid one, then swimming is the best exercise for your body. You can easily exercise without hurting yourself or stressing your muscles and joints. The water will help carry some of your weight and put less stress on your joints and bones. You can also workout under the water by moving your arms and legsto reduce the resistance.

The Sun is Good for your Health:

Once you contact a reliable pool company in Tampa, you will have access to a nice spot where you can enjoy the sun with your family and friends. Exposing your body to the sun helps with increasing your daily intake of Vitamin D which is essential for the health of your heart and skin. Spending time in the sun will also help your body produce serotonin which is a happy hormone that can help you fight off stress and anxiety.

The cool water will help keep your body temperature down so you don’t suffer from exhaustion after spending a long time in the sun. You should, however, make sure that you are using an adequate sunscreen to protect your body from sunburns.


If you can’t afford to hire a private masseuse to massage your aching muscles, a spa will do the same job. The small jets in the spa tub are designed to exert a comfortable pressure that triggers your pressure and pain points. Spending some time in the spa tub will help you overcome the aching pain of stressed and strained muscles. It will increase the blood circulation to your muscles thus providing them with more oxygen and nutrients to help with recovery.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety:

Whether you choose to spend time in the pool or the spa tub, you will feel immediately better after a long stressful day. The nice movement of the water will help you relax and release the tension after a long day. Floating in the pool or enjoying some time alone in the spa will give you that quality private time that you need at the end of each day. It is like practicing yoga that will help put your mind at ease without feeling stressed or strained.

Whether you are enjoying your time alone or with others, it is always a good idea to have a pool or a spa installed. People will love to spend time at your house and when you socialize with interesting people, your life will be more fun. Even if you choose to spend your time alone, it is a chance to relieve your body and mind after a long and stressful day.

Forget about spending time on the couch with your eyes fixed to your phone. It is time to set your body and mind free. Installing a pool or a spa system is a decision you will never regret.

Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is the number morning drink in the world. Every day, people look forward to their favorite cup of coffee to get that boost of energy they need to start their day. For hundreds of years, people used the magical coffee beans to kick-start their day, get an energy boost and stay awake.

Coffee has a lot of health benefits that make it extremely popular. It is loaded with healthy nutrients that will improve your health. Here are some of the health secrets of coffee.

Coffee Fights Off Inflammation:

Coffee is rich in caffeine. Caffeine is going to boost your immune system and helps fight off inflammation. This inflammation is directly related to old age and following an unhealthy lifestyle. Coffee can help reduce the number of inflammatory molecules and will disturb their functions. Drinking coffee in moderation reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Older people are recommended to get a daily dose of healthy coffee to keep their bodies healthy.

Coffee is Rich in Antioxidants:

Our body cells go through a lot of changes. Pollution, stress, and aging can cause cell mutations and slow down the cells turnover. Coffee is very rich in healthy antioxidants that promote cells turnover. This means that your cells will always stay young and healthy. These antioxidants will fight off the harmful free radicals that can cause cells deformation and mutation. Drinking coffee regularly will help your body stay healthy.

Coffee Will Help You Lose Weight:

Coffee is very rich in caffeine which is directly related to your metabolism rate. It is one of the few substances that have been proved to help with burning fats. Consuming coffee on a daily basis will boost your energy levels as well as increase your body’s ability to burn the extra calories. If you suffer from low metabolism, you can drink coffee daily to help you lose the extra weight. You should consume coffee in moderation to avoid excess irritability. Make sure that you have the best award-winning coffee subscription to make sure that you will never run out of coffee again.

Coffee Makes You Smarter:

Caffeine in the coffee is a natural stimulant. This means that it boosts the functions of your brain cells. Coffee will make you feel more energetic and will also boost the cognitive functions of your brain. It enhances the functions of neurons thus improving memory, information processing, reaction times and mood. Coffee also prevents the decline and deterioration of cognitive functions. As we age, our brain cells start to become old and tired. Coffee reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Coffee Protects You From Diabetes:

A lot of people suffer from diabetes that is directly related to following an unhealthy diet. Coffee is going to protect your body by lowering your risk of diabetes. You should make sure that you are limiting your sugar intake while having your favorite cup of coffee.

Coffee can Help You Manage your Pain:

Coffee can decrease your pain sensitivity. If your body tends to ache after a long busy day, then drinking coffee can definitely help you. It is quite usual to feel tired and aching especially if you are working all day long. Nevertheless, a few cups of coffee per day can keep you going even when your body feels like it is giving up.

Coffee will Boost your Physical Performance:

In addition to improving your cognitive functions, coffee will also boost your physical performance. You will have more energy to go to work, exercise and still feel active enough to finish your house chores at the end of the day. The reason is that caffeine affects the levels of Adrenaline hormone in our bodies. This is the hormone that gets released into the bloodstream when your body is about to engage in an exhausting activity. At the same time, caffeine helps in breaking the fat cells in your body. The broken fat is transferred into fuel that your muscles use to work. Drinking an adequate amount of coffee will boost your ability to exercise without feeling strained.

Coffee Lowers the Risk of Parkinson’s Disease:

Parkinson’s disease is a serious neurodegenerative disease. It happens when the neurons that are responsible for the production of dopamine in our brain are unable to do their function. There are some medications that can help manage the condition, but there is still no potent cure. Consuming coffee can help with lowering the risks of Parkinson’s disease. The caffeine will keep the neurons healthy and functional.

Coffee is Good for your Liver:

The liver is an extremely important organ in the body. When the liver is affected by cirrhosis, the normal liver tissue is replaced by scar tissue that is unable to do the liver functions. Caffeine can lower the risk of cirrhosis. As a matter of fact, scientific research proves that regular coffee drinkers tend to have healthier livers even at old age.

Coffee Helps with Anxiety and Depression:

Coffee contains a potent stimulant but it can also work as a mood booster. Coffee is going to help you fight off anxiety by balancing the hormones in the body. It is known to help with severe depression and can even lower the risk of suicide.

Coffee Can Lower the Risk of Cancer:

Cancer is probably the number one deathly disease. Some types of cancers are curable while others are extremely aggressive and hard to manage. Coffee can protect you from liver and colorectal cancer. The reason lies in the amazing nutrients and antioxidants that can suppress the growth of cancerous cells. People who consume coffee on a regular basis have a lower risk of certain types of cancer.

Picking the right kind of coffee is going to affect the numerous health benefits. You should make sure that your coffee has been roasted recently. This means that it will contain a high content of antioxidants and nutrients. You should also make sure that it is free of insecticides, herbicides, and chemicals. Your daily dose will drastically improve your life.

Benefits of Using Organic Products

Going natural is one of the most popular trends. During the past few decades, humans have realized that messing up with nature has its price. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution and the breakthrough of using chemicals and new technologies, humans used science to produce food, build houses and machines that can make life easier. But these chemicals also caused a significant increase in certain health issues and problems. Scientists took some time to reveal the bad side of these new technologies.

Today, most people are trying to go as natural as possible. There is a global trend where people are more interested in traditional medication where herbs and plants are used to treat mild health problems, instead of using medicines that are packed with chemicals. More people are buying organic food because it is free of chemicals and dangerous ingredients. But what are the real benefits of using organic products? Are they really worth the hype? If they cost more, are they worth the price?

What are the Benefits of Using Organic Products?

Organic refers to the way a product is produced or processed. Whether they are cleaning supplies, food or makeup items, organic products are grown or manufactured without using pesticides, insecticides, GMOs, hormones, or any other artificial material. Today, you can find organic meat, chicken, makeup, vegetables, fruit, soap, detergents and even toothpaste. People buy these products to make sure that they are using a safe product.

  1. Organic Food is Fresher:

Organic food refers to vegetables, fruit, dairy products, eggs, and meat. Organic food doesn’t contain any preservatives. This means that if you find it on the shelf, then it is fresh because it gets spoiled fast. Most conventionally grown and processed food items contain certain chemicals that make them last longer. Organic food is usually produced in smaller farms near the markets where it is sold.

  1. Organic Produce Contains No Pesticides:

Farmers use pesticides to fight off pests that damage the products and affect their quality. These pesticides do a great job at fighting off pests but at the same time, they have a negative effect on our health. They penetrate through the tissue of the vegetable or the fruit. Even if you wash it several times, soak it or scrub it, you would still get some of these pesticides in your food. They contain harmful chemicals that affect the nervous system, cause premature cells’ aging and cause cells’ mutation that might lead to cancer. Staying away from pesticides will keep your body healthy.

With organic produce, pests are controlled naturally. Farmers use traditional and naturally derived methods to fight off harmful pests. They also use birds, traps, and insects to protect the plants. These natural methods have no effect on our bodies in the short or long run.

  1. Organic Beauty Products are Better of the Environment:

Today there are a lot of makeup brands that offer organic beauty products. These are produced and manufactured using cleaner and healthier methods that don’t affect the environment. They are also better for our bodies. Conventionally produced beauty products contain extracts from plants that might be packed with insecticides, pesticides or herbicides. These chemicals are still traceable even after the manufacture of the beauty product. They penetrate through the skin and affect the cells of our bodies in the long run. These chemicals also affect the soil and the animals that naturally live there. As a result, conventionally produced makeup items can significantly increase the percentage of pollution on the planet.

Organic beauty products are manufactured using cleaner ingredients. These come from chemical-free farms and contain no harmful chemicals that can affect our health. They don’t contain irritants or chemicals that can cause skin allergies, breakouts, and rashes. Organic beauty products actually have natural ingredients that support your skin and hair. Whether you are using a cream, shampoo or a makeup item, you are basically providing your skin and hair with natural and healthy nutrients. These are good for your body and will not cause any health problems.

Natural skin care products are packed with vitamins and minerals that are necessary to keep your skin healthy and fresh. They help repair and rejuvenate your skin to keep it looking young and flawless. Using this organic hair oil featured on Oprah will help protect your hair from pollution and damage. It helps restore the natural balance of oils that will keep your hair strands healthy and strong. You can also rest assured knowing that no poisonous chemicals will get in contact with your scalp.

  1. Organic Animal Products are Richer in Healthy Nutrients:

Conventionally raised animals are used to produce eggs, dairy products, and meat. These animals are often treated with antibiotics to make sure that they never get sick. They are also given growth hormones to guarantee faster growth and more products. They are fed non-organic food that contains GMOs. Livestock might be deprived of living in the outdoors in their natural habitat. This affects the health of the animals and the quality of the final product.

Organically raised animals always have access to the outdoors. Animals lead a natural life without any restrictions and are taken care of using the traditional methods. Diseases are prevented using the traditional techniques like clean housing and healthy diets. They are also treated using the same old methods that have been used for thousands of years. These animals are not given any hormones or medications. They grow naturally and their produce contains more nutrients than the one produced using conventional methods.

Organic food and beauty products contain no genetically modified organisms or GMOs. These are plants whose DNA has been chemically modified and altered for certain benefits. Using these GMOs affects our health in the short and long run. They mess up with our cells and can cause cells’ mutation which might lead to cancer. Staying away from chemically or genetically modified products is definitely better for your health. You should try to use organic products whenever it is possible.